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The Canada visa application forms can be submitted online. The visa application forms are free of charge and can be downloaded from any authorized visa agents. On submitting the application form it is the jurisdiction of the visa officer to decide if you are required to give an interview. In case the interview is needed, then the visa officer will inform you about the time and place. All the candidates who have approved visa applications are permitted to take the print out of Canada e-Visa online

  1. Original passport and its copy [min validity 6 month]
  2. 04 MRP size photo
  3. Clearly signed and completed visa application Form
  4. Hotel and flight reservation copy
  5. Program Itinerary
  6. Bank Statement [Original – 6 month from A category bank]
  7. Regular source of Income [Salary and another income]
  8. Tax clearing certificate [last 2 years]
  9. Invitation Letter
  10. Share certificate
  11. Property valuation [Opt]
  12. CA Report [Opt]
  13. Visa covering Letter
  14. Visa fee [Non refundable]
  15. Relationship certificate [if family travelling together]
  16. Invitation letter [if any]
  17. Visa covering letter
  18. Leave letter

Canadian Embassy may ask for additional document as per their requirement

  1. Documents proving sufficient funds to support the stay in Croatia and to return to the state of residence or to travel to a third state.
  2. Three months bank statement (saving and current a/c, as applicable), and
  3. Three years Income Tax returns (personal and company, as applicable), and
  4. Personal bank statement for 6 months with credit balance of NRP. 150000
  5. Copy of international credit card with three months credit card statement and
  6. Endorsement on passport / receipt of purchase of foreign exchange
  7. Proof of current social and professional status:

    • Service – Letter issued by the employer on company’s official letterhead establishing position of the employee in the company, years in service, grant of leave and salary certificate of the last three (3) months
    • Business/self-employed – Visa request letter on official letter head with company registration papers
    • Student – Letter from school / university for grant of leave and copy of the valid ID
    • For minors and persons deprived of legal capacity: visa application shall be submitted by a parent/legal representative, including:

      • birth certificat of the minor (if parents are legal guardians)
      • decision of the competent body designating the legal guardian

    If a minor is traveling without a parent/legal guardian, (s)he must carry a notarized consent of a legal guardian that shall contain personal information of the parent/legal guardian and the purpose, the period and length of stay in Croatia, the period for which the consent is issued, and the signature of the parent/legal guardian.

  8. Proof of sufficient Funds

    • Three months bank statements (savings and current a/c, as applicable) in Original – duly signed and stamped by authorized official of the respective bank.
    • The documents attached shall not be older than six months.
    • The Embassy of Croatia may require you to submit additional supporting documents and/or certified translation as well as the international certification (appostille) of the documents during the visa application process.
    • Please note that you may be required to come for a personal interview with the visa officer at the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia prior to a decision being made on your application.
    • Submitting a visa application, including all the required documents, does not automatically mean that the visa will be issued.
    • An issued visa is not a guarantee that a foreign citizen will be permitted to enter the Republic of Croatia. On every crossing of the border, the police may require the foreign citizen to present all relevant documents, including copies of the Letters of Guarantee for both private and business visits.
    • The decision to refuse a visa, indicating reasons for such a decision, shall be delivered to the applicant in a visa refusal/annulment/revocation form.
    • A foreign citizen may file a complaint against the decision to refuse a visa through the competent Embassy/Consulate of the Republic of Croatia, within 15 days from the date of receipt of the decision on visa refusal/annulment/revocation. The complaint shall be filed in Croatian with payment of Consular fee. Any falsification of the documents and the use of such documents may be subject to criminal prosecution.

Applicant must normally meet the following basic conditions at the time of submitting an application for visa

  1. Travel document

    • Your passport or travel document must be valid for minimum three months after the intended departure from Schengen,
    • It shall contain at least two blank pages,
    • It shall have been issued within the past 10 years,
    • It should not have any observation regarding the front data page.
  2. Application form

    Fully completed application form. Please note that any incomplete information or false statement could result delay in the processing of application. Application form can downloaded in English Application form in English) or Hindi language (Application form in Hindi), but it has to be filled-in English language only.

  3. Photograph

    One recent original passport-size colour photograph with white background. Photograph should not be older than six months.

  4. Covering letter

    A covering letter from the applicant introducing himself/herself, explaining the purpose, duration & itinerary of the visit in brief.

  5. Travel Medical Insurance

    You must hold a travel insurance policy to cover possible expenses in connection with a return for health reasons or death, indispensable medical treatment or acute hospitalisation during your stay. The insurance policy must cover all Schengen countries, and the minimum policy coverage is Euro 30,000 or US Dollar 50,000. The insurance policy must be valid for the entire duration of the intended stay. The validity of the visa may be shortened if the insurance policy does not cover the entire duration of the stay. You must ensure always to have a valid Schengen travel insurance during your stays in the Schengen area. The border authorities may ask to see proof of a valid insurance when you enter Schengen. For a list of approved Indian Travel Insurance Companies, please click here.

  6. Proof of means of Transport

    Flight reservation of return or round ticket. If the applicant is travelling to several Schengen States, proof of intra-Schengen flight reservation, train itinerary or car rental. Please note that the tickets do not have to be paid-off, only booking needs to be submitted.

  7. Proof of Lodging

    Hotel reservations, rental of holiday home or campus residence reservation. If the applicant intends to stay with a family member or a friend, proof of sponsorship and/or private accommodation from the host. Individual Schengen States may require applicant to present proof of sponsorship and/or private accommodation by completing a form drawn up by the Schengen State’s competent authority (hereinafter 'national form'). If applicant is travelling to several Schengen States, proof of lodging in each of them should be submitted.

  8. Proof of Financial means

    • Original bank statement showing movements in the last three months, duly stamped and signed by the bank. The account should be in the name of the applicant or the sponsor of the trip. In case of a sponsor, the bank statement should be accompanied by a signed sponsorship letter and a signed copy of the sponsor’s passport.
    • Indian income tax return acknowledgment for the last two assessment years;
    • In addition to it, if the applicant is employed:

      • payslips for the last three months
      • employment contract
      • employers statement on approval for holidays
    • If the applicant is a company owner or self-employed:

      • certificate of registration of the company
    • If the applicant is retired:

      • pension statements for the last three months
      • proof of regular income generated by ownership of property or business
  9. Minor Applicant

    • if the minor is travelling with only one parent, written consent of the other parent or guardian, and a signed copy of their passport or other photo ID. In case a person has sole custody or guardianship of the minor, proof of this should be submitted
    • if the minor travels alone (without parents), written; consent, from both parents or legal guardians of the minor; as well as signed copies of the passports or other photo ID of the parents or legal guardians.
    • all minors must be accompanied by both parents or legal guardians and sign the application form in front of a VFS officer. Except in cases where, the child is traveling with one parent to visit the other parent, who is residing in Denmark
  10. Passport Copy

    • All applications must contain a full colour photocopy of the valid passport - all pages of the passport are required.
    • If there are any valid visas for Schengen or USA/UK/Canada/Australia (issued in last three years) in the old/cancelled passport then a colour photocopy of the visa pages and passport data pages are required.
  11. General Information

    • Explanatory letter in case applicant has not travelled on his/her previous Schengen visa.
    • All documents should be provided in A4 size.
    • Please submit only photocopies of all documents, as we do not guarantee the return of any original documents , but do carry original documents at the time of submission. The Embassy reserves the right to request the original of any document provided at any point during visa processing.
    • English translations must accompany the documents not originally in English.
    • The applicants should allow for a processing time of minimum 15 days. Excluding the VFS handling time back and forth to the Royal Danish Embassy.
  • Schengen visa application form, completed, dated and signed by the applicant, accompanied by one colour photograph on a light background (max. 6 months old)
  • Valid passport or other travel document and one copy of the ID page. Copies of previous visas or markings. Passport must be valid for min. 3 months after the intended journey and have min. 2 blank pages
  • For foreign nationals (other than Nepalese citizens): proof of legal stay valid for min. 3 months after the intended journey
  • Proof of family relations e.g. birth certificate, marriage certificate or local Certificate of Relationship
  • Proof of employment on company letterhead including salary, position and approval of leave. For retired: proof of pension For self-employed: registration of company For student: proof of studies and approval of leave
  • Proof of sufficient funds of the applicant, e.g. bank statements for the last 6 months - Proof of property ownership if applicable
  • For minors (under 18 years old): birth certificate
  • If a minor (under 18 years old) is travelling alone or with only one legal guardian - Consent letter signed by both parents and verified by a notary. Single parent must prove sole guardianship - Declaration of parents´ income - Copy of parents' ID or residence permit if applicable
  • Travel programme including all the destinations of the journey
  • Flight Reservation. Please note it is not recommended to purchase the tickets before receiving a visa decision.
  • Travel medical insurance, valid in whole Schengen area or worldwide for the whole duration of the journey. Min. coverage of 30 000€ (covering emergency medical expenses, hospital treatment, repatriation for medical reasons or death)
  • Passport or travel document with a validity not less than 6 months
  • Visa application form (filled out)
  • One(1) recent 4x6cm. photograph of the applicant on white back ground
  • Round-trip air ticket or e-ticket (paid in full)
  • Personal bank statement for 6 months with credit balance of NRP. 150000
  • Hotel booking
  • Travel itienary
  • Original passport
  • 3 pcs passport size photo with white background
  • Round-trip air ticket or e-ticket (paid in full)
  • Personal bank statement for 6 months with credit balance of NRP. 150000
  • Hotel booking
  • Travel itienary

Your passport must not be older than 10 years also it must be valid for at least THREE MONTHS longer than the intended stay. Your passport must have at least TWO BLANK PAGES to affix the visa.

  • The Visa application form must be complete & duly signed by the applicant. (Both the parents must sign in case of minor applicants).
  • Please ensure that you have photocopies of all your documents in equal number as the number of applications. For e.g. For 4 applicants there should be 4 copies of the sponsorship letter & other docs.
  • Please keep two photocopies of the passport ready before you reach the counter.
  • Please keep the exact amount of change for the visa fee & VFS logistic fee ready with you.
  • Please mention the name of the applicant & the passport number behind the draft (1 draft per applicant).
  • Please fill out the courier address & SMS request slip in order to avail of the mentioned services.
  • A COPY of the all the documents should be attached in EACH application.
  • Adhaar card (along with a photocopy)

    Note: If you are visiting more than one Schengen country, the transfer & accommodation details for all the countries should be mentioned & highlighted in the itinerary. Please highlight the specifics appended below in addition to Name of applicant & Passport Number on all the mentioned documents.

  • Itinerary: Date of Departure & Arrival & Check in & Check-out dates at the hotel
  • Insurance: Date of birth /Duration of cover/Amount of coverage

Applicants applying from Nepal please follow guidance details and payment procedures

Applications from residents of Nepal must submit visa applications through the VFS Global application centre in Kathmandu at the below mentioned address:-

Joint Visa Application Centre

Academy of Culinary Arts Building,

Ground Floor, Mahalaxmisthan Marga,

Lagankhel, Lalitpur,

Kathmandu, Nepal

Please Note
  • The visa fee has to be paid In Indian Rupees only by Bank Draft favoring "Embassy of Ireland, New Delhi" payable at New Delhi, India.
  • The VF Service charge of NPR 4000/- listed above includes taxes. It is per application charge that is to be paid in addition to the applicable visa fee in form of a bank draft favoring “VF SERVICES MAURITIUS PTE LTD” payable at Kathmandu
  • For an Appeal made at VF Services Kathmandu, a charge of NPR 4000/- needs to be paid in form of a bank draft favoring “VF SERVICES MAURITIUS PTE LTD” payable at Kathmandu.
  • There is no provision of cash payment at the Kathmandu office.
  • Fees listed below are per applicant, including children.
  • The fee once paid is not refundable*.
  • The applicable visa fee in Indian Rupees is as per the current exchange rate and is subject to change without notice.


Visa fees :-
  • All visa categories Single Entry :- INR 4980/-
  • All visa categories Multiple Entry :- INR 8300/-
  • Transit Visa – INR 2075/-
VFS Global Service fees: - 4000 NPR

Visa for Tourism, Checklist

Documentation (To be arranged in same order)

  1. Application form: fully completed in English or German language and signed by the applicant
  2. Passport:
    • its validity shall extend at least three months after the intended date of departure from the territory of the Member States or, in the case of several visits, after the last intended date of departure from the territory of the Member States;
    • it shall contain at least two blank pages;
    • it shall have been issued within the previous 10 years;
    • NO alteration or handwritten amendment concerning the data page
  3. Two photographs: shall be in accordance with the international standards as set out in the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
  4. Valid permit to return (if applicable) e g. valid Indian Residency Permit or return visa to India for citizens of Bangladesh / Bhutan / India / Maldives / Nepal / Sri Lanka. For Tibetans travelling on Indian IC (yellow Identity Certificate) it is mandatory to hold a Return Visa (valid until at least three months after your intended return to India) apart from the stamped entry “No objection to return to India” (NORI) in the IC
  5. Travel medical insurance shall be valid throughout the territory of the Member States and cover the entire period of the person’s intended stay or transit. The minimum coverage shall be EUR 30 000. Applicants for a uniform visa for multiple entries shall prove that they are in possession of adequate and valid travel medical insurance covering the period of their first intended visit. In addition a statement, declaring the awareness of the need to be in possession of travel medical insurance for subsequent stays, shall be signed.
  6. Cover letter: explaining the purpose of the trip with itinerary detailed location(s) and duration of stay in Austria
  7. Evidence of occupation / student status Employed: Salary certificate of the last three (3) months of present occupation, employment contract plus company NOC to leave. Self-employed: The applicable CIN Certificate/ LLP certificate/ GST certificate/ Udhyog Aadhar Memorandum/ Import Export Certificate etc. Student: NOC from school / college
  8. ITR: Income Tax Acknowledgement / ITR-V from the last three (3) years
  9. Proof of sufficient funds: Original bank statements of the last three (3) months and / or other funds available (pension etc.)
  10. Round-trip flight reservations - travel itinerary: airline reservation and proof of other means of travel within Austria/EU in case of onward travel
  11. Proof of accommodation: hotel reservation / letter of tour organizer and / or other appropriate documentation indicating the envisaged travel plans within Austria / EU
  12. Minor travelers:
    • a minor accompanied by one parent shall provide a Original notarized NOC by the other parent , plus copies of parents passports or ID
    • a minor travelling alone shall provide a Original notarized NOC by both parents / legal guardians, plus copies of parents passports or ID
  13. Copy of the present passport (data pages, pages with evidence of previous visa, travel)
  14. Original(s) of previous passport(s) or proof of loss
Important Notes:
  • Before applying consider the duration of stay. If applicant intends to stay longer than 6 (six) months, Residence Permit (“Aufenthaltstitel”) has to be applied for. Visa “C” can be applied for with validity for up to 90 days, Visa "D" between 91 and 180 days. Visa in both categories cannot be extended or renewed in Austria.
  • Any representative shall provide an original letter of authorization from the applicant bearing the name of the representative and its organization / company. A copy of a valid photo ID shall be attached to the application.
  • The applicant bears responsibility concerning all content of the application
  • Applications cannot be submitted more than 3 months prior to departure.
  • Processing can take up to 15 working days after receiving the application. Status queries will be responded after the above time frame only and shall be primarily addressed to the VFS-office of application or by e-mail to:

Visa for Tourism, Checklist

  • In case an application is lodged less than 15 working days before departure, a timely completion of the visa process cannot be guaranteed.
  • However, in individual cases, that period may be extended up to 30 calendar days in, particularly when further scrutiny of the application is needed. In case the authorities of the Member State are consulted or additional documentation is needed, this period may be extended up to a maximum of 60 calendar days.
  • The applicant voluntarily agrees to avail the services of VFS Global Services Pvt. Ltd. to apply for a Schengen Visa at the Austrian Desk.
  • Applicant are advised that during the examination of an application, consulates may in justified cases request additional documents in accordance with Article 21 (8) of Regulation (EC) No 810/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 13 July 2009 establishing a Community Code on Visas. The Embassy may call applicants for an interview if deemed necessary.
  • The applicant and/or its authorized representative declare being advised to submit full documentation according above checklist and that submission of incomplete or faulty documentation can be a reason for refusal of the application.

Please note that the following essentials must be met by all applicants submitting their applications for visa.

  • Passport should have been issued within the previous 10 years.
  • Passport should have at least two face to face blank pages.
  • Passport should have at least three months validity from the date of arrival back in India
  • Consulate General of Italy in Kolkata will not accept passports with any written observations concerning Passport number; Surname; Given Name; Nationality; Sex; Date of Birth; Place of Birth; Place of Issue; Date of Issue; Date of Expiry. Only passports with no observations can be presented. Passports must be machine readable. Handwritten passports cannot be accepted
  • Applications are only accepted within 3 months of the requested date of arrival
  • Relevant Forms & Photograph: Fully completed application form appropriate to the type of visa and supplementary form requested with two original passport-size photographs [NB: digital photographs not acceptable]
  • Application will be accepted only until 7 working days (excluding VFS handling time) before the date of travel.

Travel agents/Representative seeking an appointment

  • Travel Agency Name
  • First Name and Last Name of the applicant
  • Passport number
  • Date of Travel
  • Number of Applicants
  • Date of Issuance & Expiry of Passport

VFS will aim to send you a response to your request as soon as possible. However, please note you may not receive an immediate response if there is a high volume of requests. You will be allocated the first available appointment. # Please mention the name of the travel agent/representative who will come to the VFS Italy visa application centre to submit the application.

  • Kindly ensure that travel agent/representative carries a valid ID proof along with him.

It is not possible for appointment details to be changed once made or for another person to attend the visa application centre. You must make one request for an appointment only (multiple requests are likely to result in not receiving an appointment).

Please note:

You will not be allowed to enter the application centre under the following conditions:

  • If the number of applicants are more as compared to the ones advised at the time of appointment.
  • If there is any difference between the information provided by the Individual/travel agents/representative at the time of making an appointment and the time of attending the visa application centre.

In case of an incentive group , kindly send below mentioned details in a hard copy or mail to the Consulate of Italy in Kolkata prior to approaching VFS. An approval from the Consulate for incentive groups is mandatory.

  • Travel Agency Name
  • Date of Travel
  • Number of Applicants
  • Place, Date of Issuance & Expiry of Passport
  • Covering letter of sponsor Company

Required documents for all visa Categories:

Please note that the following essentials must be met by all applicants submitting their applications for visa.

  1. Passport should be valid for at least three months beyond the intended stay in Luxembourg. Passport should be valid for at least 6 months from the date of travel to Luxembourg in case of D Visa. Passport must have at least two blank pages to which a visa can be affixed, if not a new passport must be obtained before submitting your application. Please note: Passport cannot be valid for more than 10 years. Handwritten or not machine readable Indian passports issued after 01.04.2010 are not accepted.
  2. All applicants have to submit a fully completed visa application form signed and dated, supporting documents appropriate to the type of visa and 2 (or 3 for long term visas) original passport-size photographs.
  3. The Embassy of Luxembourg will return processed passports to the Visa Application Centre.

In addition to the compulsory documentation required, the following documentation is required for applicants under the age of 18 (minors): 

For children (under 18 years of age) traveling alone, written consent certified by public notary of both parents or guardians having the custody of the applicant 

For children (under 18 years of age) traveling with one parent only, written consent certified by public notary of the other parent or guardian.

Required Travel Insurance

A travel medical insurance is a compulsory document and has to be included in each set of submitting documents from all prospective visitors applying for a visa to Luxembourg. The traveler must be covered for an amount of at least 30,000 Euros. For further information on approved Indian Travel Insurance Companies for Schengen visa procedure, please click here to see the approved list of companies.

Please note that depending on the type of visa requested, further documents might be required.

Mode Of Payment

The visa fee and VFS charges are payable in Cash, Visa, Master Card and Rupay

CONSULATE GENERAL OF ITALY KOLKATA Requisite Documents for a Tourist Visa

Documents should be arranged in the following order.

  1. Application form fully completed and signed by applicant.
  2. Two recent passport-size Photographs of size 3.3 *3.5 cms (white background)
  3. Passport/Travel Document must:
    • Have been issued within the previous 10 years, and the validity must not exceed 10 years
    • At least have a validity of 3 months after intended stay
    • Have at least 2 face to face blank pages (mandatory).
    • Be machine readable without observations.
  4. Original covering letter signed by applicant explaining the purpose of his/her trip to Italy and if applicable to the Schengen countries
    • Original letter from Employer on its Company letterhead stating the date of joining, current designation and the requested time of absence has been approved and confirming continued employment upon return to India
    • For Students, a NOC from the institute on an Institute letterhead duly dated, signed and stamped.
    • For self- employed people and businessmen, going as tourists, a covering letter on the company’s letterhead is required.
    • Self- employed applicants must submit proof of business i.e. firm’s registration, trade license and/or partnership deed. Either one of these documents in original and a photocopy of the same has to be attached in the application.
  5. Overseas medical insurance with minimum coverage of Euro 30,000, for emergency hospital and repatriation expenses.
  6. Travel itinerary with travel dates, including return flight reservation or bookings. (Please mention if any other country/countries are to be covered during the entire trip).
  7. One set photocopy of applicant’s Passport and all previous Schengen, valid UK & valid US Visas. An applicant possessing previous Schengen visas, should attach their old passport along with their new passport.
  8. Proof of adequate financial means of the applicant
    • Copy of the salary slips/certificates of the last six months
    • Copy of the personal bank account for the last six months is needed for all applicants with sufficient funds(30 euros per day for each day spent in Italy and the Schengen area).
    • Applicants falling under taxable income should provide last 3 years ITR (form 5),including the current year. Form 16 (TDS) and Income tax challans will not be accepted.
    • Applicants having no financial means of support must produce a letter from their sponsor confirming the commitment of full financial support for the applicant for all his/her expenses during the stay in Italy and the Schengen zone. A photocopy of the sponsor passport and sponsor last six months personal bank statements (no fixed deposits) must be provided.
    • Retirement proof should be submitted with original documents.
  9. Proof of Accommodation:
    • Confirmed hotel bookings.OR
    • Invitation letter from the sponsor in Italy (“Letter a di Invito”, see attached form).
    Please Note: The letter of invitation must be accompanied by photocopy of the pages of his/her picture id containing relevant data, signature and validity of document.
  10. For applicants aged under 18
    • Application to be signed by both parents.
    • If traveling with one of the parents a NO Objection Affidavit from other parent must be provided along with his/her passport photocopy
    • If traveling with none of the parents a NO Objection Affidavit from both parents must be provided along with their passport photocopies

NOTE: The Consulate General reserves the right to ask for a Personal Interview or Additional Documents