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About Us

There’s a familiar saying, “The world is a book; those who do not travel read only a page”. Yes indeed nobody likes to read just a single page. In other words we can say everybody has the dream to explore and travel around the world, get accustomed to different cultures and try different cuisines. But you all are under the impression that for travelling you will have to wait until you are flushed with cash. Don’t worry now we have good news. NE Asia is here to offer you a complete range of travel related services in a very reasonable price and make your precious dreams of travelling come true.

There are reasons behind every single letters, colors and design. The reason for keeping NE Asia as its name is that it helps to Explore Asia from Nepal. Therefore, NE Asia in short. The letters are italicized or slanted which refers to humbleness. NE Asia is humbled to help you in all your travel affairs. The orange color of 2 letters “N” & “E” represents happy. NE Asia is happy to take care of any travel and tour requirements of all the valued clients. Blue color of the letters “ASIA” represents patience. NE Asia remains calm and with the mission to “create and provide the total travel management package in terms of providing comprehensive and professionally effective services, Ne Asia incorporates all 6 components of Travel and Tourism.

  • The 1 st one is the travel agent which provides information to people on various travel destinations, advices them of the various holiday packages and even make the tailor made tour packages for domestic inbound and outbound tourists. Also sells travel associated products like foreign exchange, travel insurance.
  • The second one is tour operator. Tour operators offer holiday packages which comprise travel by road, rail or air, accommodation like hotels, resorts, and travel services like airports, sightseeing. Ne Asia used to sell these to the retail tour operators but now it has been selling directly to the customers offering at a very reasonable price.
  • The 3rd one is lodging and catering. It consists of those who provide accommodations to the people in the form of hotels, resorts,apartments. It is marketed individually or through the tour operators.
  • These also take care of the catering needs with fast food outlets, restaurants chain. Similarly, travel industry cannot exist without various means of transport. They could be airlines, cruise lines, rail services. -Fifth important component is Information and guiding with recreational, communication and banking, government agencies, tour guides.
  • The last but the most important one is the tourist attraction.

Mr. Ajaya Aryal Managing Director